Although the coincidences don’t exist, when a researcher is absorbed in the researching of the truth, sometimes he is lucky of finding something by chance but significant. This is the case of Magic PowerSound, just a miracle.

  • Energizing, unifying and catalyst of the sound
  • Semiprecious gemstone with a big power and energy virtue

It has a little magnet with a particular power, it comes by piezoelectric characteristics, that increase the vital energy.

General Qualities:

  •      It works as a computer
  •      Resonator effects
  •      Control and orientation of frequencies of surrounding waves
  •      Eliminate the static electricity
  •      Adjust the registers
  •      Purify the sound
  •      Tone up the projection
  •      Direct the projection
  •      It is doubling the vital energy field
  •      It is valid for all the musical instruments
  •      Easy to fix in any metallic part of the instrument, or just in the pocket

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Practical effects in the interpretation
  •      It is doubling the interpretative flexibility in all the aspects:
  •      Dynamic
  •      Power
  •      Timbre
  •      Articulation
  •      Projection
  •      Freedom feeling


  •      The pyramid is a declaration in favor of the perfection and equilibrium
  •      It works as a receiver of the complete spectrum of energies
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