VORTEX ebony barrel saxophone

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VORTEX barrel for sax, is hand made of more than 100 years old special ebony without any chemical processing. It is valid for any sax brand and model.

Recommended for all music genres, specially for orchestra soloists. 

When ordering indicate the brand of your saxophone, mouthpiece and the length of the barrel.

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  • Ebony is a living matter, and the molecular movement in it is chaotic. In order to achieve the one direction molecular movement, Vortex barrel was equipped with a magnet whose design significantly improves acoustic resonance, timbre and sound transmission.  
  • VORTEX barrel provides full balance of sound registers and a wide variety of articulation types with a studied power, guaranteeing a constant sound flow during the performance.
  • Improves the instrument's performance in higher registers and helps to achieve a sound with greater resonance and harmonic richness.
  • Depending on the individual style of a clarinetist, VORTEX barrel can help to find their own sound register, acquiring a different, special touch when playing the instrument.
  • Exclusive design by Florian Popa.
  • Patent Nº P200930263

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