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The utility of one reed depends on the quality of the material and on its design.

The unique environmental-friendly concept of the cut was developed to produce our reeds, while all the materials for the accessories are carefully and thoroughly selected by researcher and professional clarinetist Florian Popa.
When ordering, indicate the force of the reed.

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  • The plants for ClarSax Popa S.L. products are selected individually in order to guarantee absolute balance and the very best quality in the reeds for: Eb clarinet, Bb/A clarinet, Alto clarinet and Bass clarinet.
  • Package for our accessories is made of natural materials, which guarantees their long and safe storage.
  • The concept of high professional performance  and greater resonance, adapting to all  music genres and providing adequate response in all sound registers, as well as better flexibility in all articulation types.
  • We make sure that ClarSax Popa reeds packs contain absolutely identical accessories in terms of their response.
  • ClarSax Popa S.L. produces reeds of a unique and very special, individual design for Eb clarinet.
  • Force available from 2’5 to 4.

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