SYMPHONY ligature sax

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SYMPHONY ligatures for saxophone are hand made of more than 100 years old special  ebony without any chemical processing. 

It has an interior integrated seat, CUSTOMIZED, that helps to fix the reed.

This ligature is recommended for orchestra soloists and symphony orchestra, saxophonist with extended dynamic flexibility.

When ordering, indicate the brand of saxophone, mouthpiece and reed.

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119,00 €

  • Valid for all saxophone models.
  • Valid for all mouthpiece and reed brands.
  • Without screws. Closed model, easy to fix. Reed fixing is smooth and firm at the same time.
  • In comparison with CONCERT ligature, SYMPHONY model helps to achieve the sound with greater rsonance and harmonic richness; velvet timbre, extended flexibility and sound emission.
  • Designed for both right and left handed, and CUSTOMIZED for each mouthpiece and reed.
  • Provides full balance of sound registers and a wide variety of articulation types.
  • Design and concept by Florian Popa.
  • Patent Nº P200930263

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