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Our company

Over 25 years of research by Dr. Florian Popa, professional and researcher clarinetist, have resulted in a new concept of high-range accessories for clarinet and saxophone.

In 2010, Dr. Florian Popa, decided to found his own company manufacturing and selling these accessories for clarinet and saxophone. ClarSax Popa S.L. began his business committed to quality standards which musicians need. Dr. Popa, specialized in acoustics and phenomenology of music, is absolute guarantee of the excellence of each of the products:

Ligatures, barrels, bells, mouthpieces, reeds, resonators ... all with three factors in common:

  • Futuristic concept
  • Exclusive design
  • Materials with an acoustic criteria applied
  • 15 days of warranty. Try it and if you are not satisfied we will refund your money.

Our team

100% originales

We are a family business, located in the north of Spain. Our team is commanded by Dr Florian Popa. He is de designer, the person that has the knowledge in acoustic and music phenomenology, and he applies it to our accessories.

Customer reviews

With the ligature and barrel FP I obtain good projection and a very centered sound. Their design produces and facilitates a very natural and easy sound

Josep Fuster Martínez Principal clarinet from Barcelona Symphony Orchestra and professor of clarinet SMUC

I was quite impressed by both the ligature and the barrel, especially by the ligature. It lends a beautiful cover to the tone without taking away flexibility, the same as the barrel

John C. Scott, Associate Dean for Admissions Professor of Clarinet University of North Texas


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