VORTEX Cut bell clarinet

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Bell specially designed for clarinet, the only acoustic instrument that projects the sound downwards, unlike other instruments that project it to the front. VORTEX Cut bell has a magnet that improves significantly the acoustic resonance, timbre and sound projection.
Valid for all models and brands of clarinet.
When ordering indicate the brand of your clarinet.

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  • All the bell models are hand made with more than 100 years old special ebony without any chemical processing.
  • Manufactured in only one piece, with no added rings.
  • Due to the precision cut, allows the clarinet's lower wall to push the sound flow towards the upper wall, heading it to the sound projection level of other musical instruments
  • VORTEX Cut bell, exclusive design by Florian Popa, is valid for all models and brands of clarinet.
  • Ebony is a living matter, and the molecular movement in it is chaotic. In order to achieve the one direction molecular movement, VORTEX bell was equipped with an innovative complement whose design significantly improves acoustic resonance, timbre and sound projection.
  • Provides full balance of sound registers and a wide variety of articulation types with a studied power, guaranteeing a constant sound flow during the performance.

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