Before talking about the company, let me introduce myself, because the knowledge and the experience that I have had during my professional career, have allowed me the foundation of the company. My name is Florian Popa, Doctor in music and clarinet, professional clarinetist and researcher about Music phenomenology.
I was born in Bucharest (Romania) and I was lucky of growing in a family of musicians of national and international renown. Since I was a child, my parents instilled in me the love and passion for the music. Therefore, when I was 6 years old I began my musical education at Bucharest Music School, starting with the violin and piano. At twelve years of age, I began to study the clarinet and after completing my studies with the highest honours at the Bucharest Conservatory, I could take part in the George Enescu Philharmonic Orchestra of Bucarest as first clarinet.
Later on I won a scholarship for a master’s course in Hannover (Germany) where I specialized in contemporary music under Professor Hans Deitzer. Some years later, he studied orchestral conduction and music phenomenology with the maestro Sergiu Celibidache.
It’s very difficult to summarize a lifetime dedicated to my passion, the music. I have had the chance of playing as clarinet soloist with the orchestras of Bucarest, Praga, Muncher, Rotterdam, Tylburg, Bilbao, Frankfurt, Mannheim… and even I have played at the UN a couple of times with MUSICA NOVA Chamber Group. But we already have another section in the web page whit my complete biography.
What I mean in few lines is that, this experience, with the constant researching about the acoustic and the music phenomenology what led me to found my own company in 2010. We are a family business, and this is what characterize us. All the accessories that we manufacture, are handmade, applying in the design the concepts about applied acoustic that I have. As you will see in the description of each one, we use the materials with the best properties for the manufacture: the ebony woods, ceramics, alloys.. are exclusive and selected by ourself. Each accesory is unique, and we don’t use any chemical process in the manufacture..
Due to my career, I have had the opportunity of playing with the best instruments, and because of this I have decided to develop all these accessories, uniques, because I want that people can feel the same sensations playing, that I have had when I developed them for myself. You will be able to check another section in this web page with reviews of important figures in the world of music, and I am very satisfied of knowing that they feel the same sensations what I said before. Their instruments sound in a different way.
But in the same way that each accessory that we manufacture is unique, for us, each costumer is unique. Due to our process is handmade, we are such absolutely convinced of our accessories that we don’t only offered15 days for refund them, also we give 2 years of warranty.
We hope be lucky enough of having your trust, and if you have any doubt, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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