I am Florian Popa, professional clarinetist and researcher. My passion is the music, and I have spent all my live loving it. This blog, of general nature, is dedicated to the phenomenological analysis of music practice, and mainly to the orchestral practice, independently of the instrument selected. 

So, this blog is focused on the students of superior conservatories, music professionals, and of course to music-lovers in general. I will try to summarize in each article the essential knowledge to be orchestral player and soloist of music chamber, and also the rudiments that are necessaries for the music-lovers to understand the music.

In the elaboration of this blog, that expects to be a guide, I will use my experience and, of course, a huge specialized bibliography. Throughout this blog, I will apply my experience as orchestral player and soloist of music chamber, and as maestro of this disciplines. 

In the future, it is possible that some reflexions could be a little bit dry or too much categorical, but those are essentials in my desire of showing the tradition, evolution and innovation. My intention is being as much explicit as possible, sincere and without prejudices and fears. No wonder, this guide pretends to be an instrument of knowledge and learning that raise the intellectual curiosity from the thinking freedom of the readers.

I will consider fortunately if this blog contributes to the conceptual formation of thinking and the music comprehension of the current and future professionals especially, and the music-lovers in general.

The reader will be able to choose the subject that more interests him, and develop it depending on his speciality or intellectual curiosity.